About Us


“To provide our future global leaders meaningful educational opportunities, both academic and culture, through international experiences with our emerging global partners and, in so doing, enhance their understanding our global reality”

Mission Goals

  • Establish academic partnerships with a variety of universities in different locations in the developing world.
  • Offer academic and/or cultural programming to meet the needs of any specific group.
  • Educate local governments about the possibilities of expanding their “sister-city” relationships to include youth exchanges.
  • Assist local governments with the creation of such exchanges.
  • Provide goal-oriented tours of south-central Ontario to youth groups from various international partners.


Plain English

In the past twenty years our world has changed radically and our youth need to understand the emerging reality more than ever before.

While economics is the most obvious example of our integration and interconnections, it’s also true that it is happening in virtually any and every field.

Our youth need to have international experiences that allow them to actually interact with other youth from different places to explore similarities and differences in their worldview.

Our Difference

There are many companies offering student tours and most do an excellent job at what they do…we do something entirely different.  We design unique educational programming, suited to the specific needs of each group with which we work, and implemented at an international location.

Our Travel Partners

We are very fortunate to have established a partnership with a TICO registered company with 50 years experience in the travel industry. They will provide us with all our travel needs (flights, accommodation, insurance). All our needs ‘in country’, including transportation, program, entrance fees, etc. will be handled by our host academic institution: University of Matanzas.


Student Interchanges

Sister-City Youth Exchanges

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