SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY: Barrie/Matanzas Community Interchange


In 2004 we organized our first youth group experience working with the University of Matanzas… to say it was a success would be a major understatement. Here are a few of the comments from participants:

  • Cuba is much more than all inclusive resorts and a foreign political system. My experience in Cuba during Global showed me a vibrant culture from our gracious and talented hosts with lots of dancing. Lots of dancing – in the best possible way.

    Josh Reimer – 2004

  • To say that this program has changed my life would be underselling it. Through the mentorship and guidance of those involved, I was able to realize the person I could become and learned the skills and behaviours needed to achieve that goal. I have been immersing myself in travel and other cultures ever since and I haven’t looked back once.

    Christian Lee – 2004

  • More than ten years ago, I had the unique and life changing experience of being able to travel to Cuba with Youth Ambassadors. At first, as a teenager, I had no idea how traveling would forever change my overall perspective on life and also gain a better understanding of who I am as a person. On my return back to Canada, I became a more enlightened person because my wide array of experiences in Cuba over our two week stay taught me so much about different ways to look at life. Yet after my return, I was left with a great thirst and drive to further expand knowledge and continue my path of life long learning. As I look back today, I have two Bachelor degrees as well as a Masters and now I work as a historical writer and educator. But I can trace back much of this spark and passion back to when my eyes were first “opened to the world” exploring Cuba.

    Matt Pritchard – 2004

For the next 15 years this program has been producing equally exceptional programs (proof is in the testimonials back on the homepage) and we will continue to do so!

To celebrate this on-going relationship Matanzas has invited us to bring a community delegation to join them as they express their appreciation for this enduring partnership. In conjunction with our Cuban friends we have designed an extraordinary one week trip that will include a wide range of activities from official receptions at the University of Matanzas, to cultural performances by Cuban university students, to tours of a coffee plantation, to informative lectures by University Professors, to a tour of Matanzas led by their Cultural Commissioner, to a full day adventure in Havana… we’ll even include dance lessons for those so inclined. We will stay in Matanzas’ designated tourist area, Varadero, at an all-inclusive resort entitled to full use of all their amenities, not to mention the incredible beach! Throughout this we will be joined by my Cuban counterpart and an excellent Cuban translator to ensure that all things are handled professionally and immediately.

FINAL PRICE: $1,677 CAD Total per person based on double occupancy

If you have an interest in joining our group as we explore the “Real Cuba” please review the Program section for one entitled “Community Interchange”. For more details please contact me directly at:

dave@nullyouthambassadorsinternational.ca  OR  Cell: 705 984 5024