Welcome to Canada

For this philosophy to succeed, traveling MUST be a ‘two-way street’. Fortunately, we have been encouraged by a number of our former students who are now teaching abroad to provide an experience for their students. We would be honoured to design an amazing interactive trip to meet the exact needs of our international guests. There are endless opportunities in central Canada… and, as we grow, hopefully the whole country opens up for us. Whatever type of trip you want I am confident that we could meet your needs:

  • organize pre-graduation university/college tours,
  • explore new school exchanges
  • new twin city partnerships.


…the possibilities are endless!

Iconic Canadiana

In these early formative stages we regret that we are only able to offer this service in Ontario.

But, as we grow, we look forward to eventually offering this to all parts of this great country.

Please be patient with us. Or better yet…help us grow!